1997 – 2017

About Coro Latinoamericano Pittsburgh


Coro Latinoamericano was founded by Venezuelan classical guitarist and choir director Daniel Marchán, on November 14, 1997. Since then, nine different directors and four guest directors have contributed to its development. One of its original objectives was the transmission of Latin American culture via choral singing to the local Pittsburgh community, a purpose that has evolved greatly over the years, as the local Hispanic population has grown, and local Pittsburghers have become increasingly attracted to Hispanic culture. This steady change is abundantly reflected in the Coro Latinoamericano's constituency, as approximately half its members are immigrants from Latin America, while the rest, and even its current director, are U.S. nationals interested in Latin American languages, music, cultures, and traditions. All its members are Pittsburghers committed to "uniting the Americas."


Music is the soul of nations and peoples. It tells stories, expresses intense feelings, reminds us of struggles, losses and victories, and embodies our love for our cultures, traditions and customs. Music celebrates who we are, where we come from, and what we want others to know and remember about us.

Coro-Latinoamericano-Pittsburgh's repertoire represents not only a regional variety of musical and rhythmic styles, both traditional and popular, but also seeks to emphasize a rich array of multiple ethnic and linguistic traditions—European, indigenous and African—all of which are present in the melody, cadence and lyrics of the songs we perform.

Coro Latinoamericano-Pittsburgh wants to build bridges to other peoples and cultures in Pittsburgh and beyond. We are, after all, in the City of Bridges and see in music a vehicle for sharing the rich cultures and values of Latin America and the Caribbean with local communities. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Coro Latinoamericano - Pittsburgh (COROLA) is dedicated to culturally and musically enriching the Three Rivers area and Southwestern Pennsylvania by offering special workshops, performing seasonal concerts and participating in charitable and benefit events, bringing choral music from the countries of Central and South America, the Caribbean and the Iberian Peninsula to the general community.


Coro Latinoamericano – Pittsburgh's main goal is educational outreach, actively seeking to perform in schools, colleges and other institutions as an advocate of cultural and diversity education. Students are always admitted free to all concerts presented by COROLA. In addition, the group has a close working relationship with other Hispanic community organizations in Pittsburgh, and in 2002 established the COROLA Award to acknowledge outstanding individuals who have contributed to the cultural enrichment and well-being of the Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania community.

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